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Ladies that keep me moving moving

Inspiration is key in keeping me writing. If I am excited about writing something, I am a writing fool. One thing that helps me with this are the blogs I read. Blogs, aka internet diaries, are one of my favorite things. All the blogs I read are written by strong ladies that I look up to. Here are just a handful of the ones I read: Dooce, also known as Heather Armstrong, is a newly single mom to nine year old Leta and three year old Marlo. She shares sweet and hilarious stories about the two of them that help me to navigate through my mommy duties. She is also snarky, has great taste in music, and loves her dogs Chuck and Coco so much that she is always posting pictures of them in compromising positions. Jenny Lawson is The Bloggess and is also a mom. She tackles the issue of mental illness as she lives with it on a daily basis. She is a great advocate for getting help and is always reaching out to others who suffer from it. She has a weird sense of humor that is endearing. She has a love of taxidermy that will repel you while you have tears streaming down your face from laughing. If you take a chance on her, I starting with Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken first. This lady is an advocate of community and love among women and mamas. She only puts love out there and you will reciprocate. Meg Duerksen is a crafty goddess, the exact opposite of me. She is always posting pictures of crafts that she does with her sweet family along with pictures of just colorful things. Her pictures showcase her love of chevron and vintage housewares. Target is my home away from home. So anybody that loves Target as much as me is aces in my book. Target Addict reports news about the store from upcoming collections to markdowns. She also does giveaways and reviews of products. This mama cracks me up no matter what. Her introduction discusses how she was informed by her doctor that she had a third nipple while pregnant. ‘Nuff said. I have this affliction. I like to call it diarrhea of the mouth. So when I found, it was like going home. Nothing is sacred there and there is even an anonymous confession board where I can go and feel less alone as a mom. This blog is written by my beautiful Latina friend from high school, Miss Ginger.  She is sweet, funny, and posts pictures of food that leave my mouth watering.  I highly recommend.


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3 thoughts on “Ladies that keep me moving moving

  1. Awww, thanks for the plug girly! I love Scary Mommy too! I am gonna check out your other recommendations. I love to read what you have to say! I especially love that you can keep me on top of all that is happening in the movie world, that I so seldom get a chance to visit… hoo! Keep writing! 😉

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