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One foot in front of the other

As much as I love to write, it scares the hell out of me. Putting my thoughts, ideas, and feelings onto paper and out into the world is terrifying. The fear of judgment and being vulnerable has stopped me numerous times.

There are days when I get frustrated and don’t know how to put my thoughts into words. These are just one of the many road blocks I have come across.

When I stepped back this morning and took a moment these five sentences popped into my head:

  • It doesn’t matter who hurts you, you will rise above it

  • You are a good person, getting better every day

  • You will be successful

  • Trust your instincts

  • Never stop trying

So I typed, printed, and taped them onto my bathroom mirror. There are times where I need to get out of my own way. I know I’m not alone in this. These sentences can apply to everybody. So read them and do with them what you will.


Stephanie: 1 Anxiety: 0

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