Mama Adventures

You’re alright, Charlie Brown

I admit it. I'm a Disneyland snob. I loved Disneyland before I had kids, and that love only increased once I had my kiddos. Annual passes were a given. And then my youngest turned the dreaded age of three. Not only has he turned into a holy terror (who am I kidding, he's been like… Continue reading You’re alright, Charlie Brown

Pop Culture

Movie Trailer Monday: Simon Killer

Today's trailer is a movie that could be really good or really bad. The trailer starts off reminding me of the movie Swingers and then takes a complete left turn and turns into a dark, creepy film about a guy wronged by love. It is the story of Simon who just got out of a… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: Simon Killer

Pop Culture

March is the new July

In March 2006, a little movie by Zack Snyder called 300 was released. It was a black and white film based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City). There were bloody battle scenes for the men and hot, sweaty males for the women (Hello Gerard Butler!). 300 became a hit and had a… Continue reading March is the new July

Word Therapy

Thank You Haters

Dear Haters, Hate is a part of this world whether we want it to be or not. And you, haters, are filled with it. You target people who you think deserve it and don't give a damn about the consequences. I believe your hate comes from sadness. I'm sorry that you're sad. But what you… Continue reading Thank You Haters

Pop Culture

Movie Trailer Monday: The Host

So you didn't like the Twilight movies. That's cool. I loved the books and wasn't a huge fan of the films (but I'm not a K-Stew hater either). All I ask is that you keep an open mind for the new film, The Host. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name… Continue reading Movie Trailer Monday: The Host