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Evolution of Getting My Book Published

My soon to be best selling story was written and double spaced.  The next step in the master plan was finding somebody who would publish it.  Finding a publisher that will accept my unsolicited manuscript was terrifying. It made me nervous.  I wanted to throw up.  And is it just me or does unsolicited make you think of a prostitute trying to pick up somebody at a bar?  Anyways….

After doing a Google search, I found the following link: Out of all the publishing houses, nine of them accept unsolicited manuscripts.  And it’s always encouraging when they give the number in the thousands of how many manuscripts they receive each month/year.  But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I just kept moving forward.  I read through the basic submission guidelines. Most ask for your information, your experience, and the manuscript, or a portion of it.  The majority of them want them snail mailed but there are also rare cases of emails.  Some ask for a self addressed stamped envelope.  And they tell you to expect a wait time of at least three months.  I see this as three months of writing more fabulous stories. I will title my next one Delusions of a Children’s Author……

The cover letter was the next plan of action.  I needed to give the facts but I also had to summarize my story in as few words as possible.  I needed to sell it.  I was born a saleswoman. Once I am done with these publishers they will have me signed up for a 10 book series.  And this is the conclusion of chapter two in Delusions of a Children’s Author.  Stay tuned. 


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