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Who doesn't love music?  I don't care if you are a Belieber or a country fan.  If the music makes you feel good, takes your mind off your troubles, or even just calms you down, that's all that matters. I grew up on Rick Dees on KIIS FM.  When I went to high school I… Continue reading Music

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MTM: Fruitvale

 So even though it is supposed to be Movie Trailer Monday, I don't have a movie trailer today.  But with good reason.   For the past 10 days, the Sundance film festival has been happening in Park City, Utah.  And the film I have read about over and over is the movie Fruitvale.  It is the story of Oscar… Continue reading MTM: Fruitvale

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Peter Pan is an A-hole

     My hubby and I took the kids to see a screening of Peter Pan over the weekend.  My kids (particularly my Curls) are obsessed with Peter Pan and we thought we would surprise them.  They had a great time but I came to a realization.  Peter Pan is kind of an a-hole.        I had… Continue reading Peter Pan is an A-hole

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MTM: The Great Gatsby

     Moulin Rouge is my all time favorite movie.  So when director Baz Luhrmann has a new movie coming out, you bet your ass I will be excited to see it.  For 2013 that means his version of The Great Gatsby.  Why should you see it?  First of all, it is the classic tale by… Continue reading MTM: The Great Gatsby

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Evolution of Getting My Book Published

My soon to be best selling story was written and double spaced.  The next step in the master plan was finding somebody who would publish it.  Finding a publisher that will accept my unsolicited manuscript was terrifying. It made me nervous.  I wanted to throw up.  And is it just me or does unsolicited make… Continue reading Evolution of Getting My Book Published

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Nerd Alert: Movie Trailer Monday

We can all agree that Mondays suck (no room for argument here).  I need something to start my week off right because coffee isn't going to cut it.  Movies always put me in a good mood.  And movie trailers for upcoming movies are released on a daily basis.  What I would like to do (feel… Continue reading Nerd Alert: Movie Trailer Monday

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Another Obnoxious Best of 2012 List

     During this time of year every publication, every news station, etc. are releasing best of lists.  They can get annoying but I love to read them.  Be it movies, music, television shows, or books, I love seeing what makes everybody's best of lists so I can see what I missed throughout the year.  My… Continue reading Another Obnoxious Best of 2012 List