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I love how you can be sitting on the beach in pure sunshine and calm waves when all of the sudden it starts to rain so fast it's like mist when it hits the sand. Five minutes later the sun is back out. We spent a lot of time on the beach, only going up… Continue reading Vacay

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Action Hero Mad

I am in a partial building where I am blow drying my hair. I am talking to Pete Davidson and Tracey Morgan at one point. I told Pete I was concerned about his Ariana engagement but that I wished him well. I am yelling at my kids to get ready as we are already late… Continue reading Action Hero Mad

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Summer Vacation

Operation make the kids so tired they can't fight (aka, summer break) hit the ground running this past weekend. Saturday we saw Solo (don't listen to the haters, it was great) and Sunday we spent the day in LA with friends. First stop was Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for breakfast: Goodies for daaaaayyzzz Yes, I took… Continue reading Summer Vacation

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The OC, Part Deux

The country is moving one step closer every day to becoming Gilead. My rage is leaving me exhausted and sad. I feel like I have been shouting from a cliff since November 2016 and only my echo is answering me. But we only have 7 days until the last day of school. The holiday weekend… Continue reading The OC, Part Deux

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Adult Daycare

“Can I ask you for your honest opinion?”, I asked the lady with the black hair, cool Buddy Holly glasses, and denim shirt. “Of course,” she said as she stopped and gave me her full attention. I held up the silky grape colored shirt with the muted flowers on it. “Is this too old lady?”… Continue reading Adult Daycare

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Fashion Queen

An outfit for Christmas. A dress and shoes for Easter. Whatever I want for the first day of school. An outfit for a concert, a play, or a football game. My mom taught me there was always an occasion, no matter how big or small, that called for a new outfit. This ensured we always… Continue reading Fashion Queen

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Summer Bucket List 2018: A Survival Guide

Raise your hand if you are a parent who misses the lazy days of summer *all hands and one foot up in the air* I love summer. I love wearing flip flops, outdoor activities become even more fun, and hello, WATERPARKS. But over the years as my kids have gotten older, the fighting and attitude is… Continue reading Summer Bucket List 2018: A Survival Guide